Cincinnati Magic Collectors Convention
Sept 22, 2013 - Meeting Minutes
Minutes from meeting on Sunday September 22, 2014 for the Cincinnati Magic Collectors Convention
Those in attendance were Steve Faris, Rob Hewlett, Richard Hughes, Glenna Hiles, Paul Ketter, Ken Klosterman,
Kim Klosterman, Jim Rawlins, & Bob Rosenberger

Status of Invites & Confirmation:
(Rob Hewlett) to check into registration process between the Convention Bureau and the Salon de Magie  / Single code for registrants
Link to be set up at the Salon de Magie web site for registration prior to mailing / Pay Pal or register and pay at the
Convention Bureau web site. To be determined
(Glenna, Rob, & Ken) to record payments received and make deposits / send out confirmation information (this has to be compiled)
 Cost for mailing registration, confirmation and pay pal will be approximately $1080.00
Cost of registration will be decided upon total expenditures
(Kim, Debbie, & Kendra) Bakery to send out invites

Hotel Personnel / Chamber of Commerce
(Bob Rosenburger) to work with Chamber for registering people, handing out badges, and door security

Hotel Meals
	 (Kim) Food and Drink will run approximately $10,000.
	 Thursday - night wine and cheese
	 Friday - nothing
	 Saturday - beverage and desert

(Paul Ketter and Gabe Fajuri) to work on Program Book will be 5 Ĺ x 8 Ĺ and approximately 40
44 pages at $2.50 each approximately $1000.00
Program will include Schedule of Events, Performers, lectures, and dealers, complimentary ads and write
up of the Salon de Magie and Kenís history
Everyone that registerís will receive a program
Paul also mentioned that he would put together a slide show for the down time of the show

Show Performers
(Richard) # of performers Tim Wright, Tim Moore, Steve Faris, Paul Lembo, Bill Cummins, Richard Hughes plus 4 more / Fillers / Needs
(Steve and Richard) to work on stage needs
Need 2 - 3 microphones 2 wireless and one corded for stage
AV and Show expenses could be around $7000.00.  We will work to get these costs down but we can use this figure of
budgeting at this point

Steinmeyer, Teller, Rickey Jay, Julia Schlesselman, Mai Ling Loo, Paul Lembo, Sean Owens , Gabe Fajuri , Bob Rosenberger

(Jim Rawlins) Jim Presented a rough list of dealers / Setup (Pizza) / Time / Needs
Agreed that no dealer will get more than 2 tables each initial (26 available)
Price per table $100
For every $10 spent you will get a raffle giveaway drawing ticket on Thursday night
Drawing that night (must be present) $250 grand prize in Dealer Money
Dealers will donate collectible magic valued at $25 or more. Several of these will be combined to make 4 or 5 drawing winners
Dealers will be asked to participate in the entire convention by remaining set up
Several dealers have already requested tables
 Ticket / $10 x 10 tickets
  Donate Prizes
  Buy Early Incentive
 Approximate dealer schedule (this may be changed as necessary)
  Thursday 10 - 1, 1 - 5 pm, 10 -12 pm
  Friday 9 - 11:30 am, 9:30 - 12 pm
   Saturday 11:30 - 12:30, 10 - 12 pm

Salon Tour - Langsem & Whitehall
 (Kendra, Sean & Tom Casper Buses / Assign Buses / # of trips

(Steve Faris & Robert Olson   Cover Letter to be sent by Steve to include specific information on items
brought to the auction after he receives registration information.  Further information for those who wish to participate in the
auction will be sent with the confirmation information.  The contact will be Steve

Goodie Bags
(Bob) See Kentucky Chamber of Commerce  magicians or anyone that you know ask if they would like to donate to the goodie bag.
Pin / Ads / Dealer Flyers / Other

Coordinator Assignments

 If you have any information you would like to include or have questions about please contact the person over that part of the program.
Online Registration Coordinator - Rob Hewlett
Opening night of the event Registration Coordinator - Bob
Hotel Meals Coordinator - Kim
Audio & Visual, Stage Coordinator - Richard
Program Coordinator - Paul
Show / Performers Coordinator - Richard
Lectures - Richard
Dealers Coordinator - Jim
Auction Coordinator - Steve
Salon de Magie Tour (Langsem) Coordinator - Sean
- buses - Kendra
Whitehall Tour Coordinator - Sean
- buses - Kendra
Goodie Bags Coordinator - Bob

We have set a date line for October 6, 2013 to have our total costs of the Convention so we may send out invitations no later
than the end of October.